Lake Tahoe winter sunset with chairs

North Lake Tahoe

Summerlong Music

Treasure of Tahoe #12

Name: Summerlong Music

Location: North Lake Tahoe

Best Time of Year: Summer

What’s summer without the perfect soundtrack? North Lake Tahoe offers summerlong live music experiences, from weekly free music on the beach to music festivals in the mountains. Get ready to rock out with great live music all summer long!

What Is It?

Insider Tips

  • Getting a good seat is important. Make sure to stake out your piece of beach, bar or seat early!
  • For beachside concerts, bring beach blankets, lawn chairs, sunscreen and a swimsuit in case you feel like taking a dip between sets!
  • North Lake Tahoe’s summerlong music events are dedicated to showcasing great local and independent artists. Show some love and support by following an artist on social media after the concert!

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