Meet North Lake Tahoe’s Local Luminaires

Local Luminaries: An original video series that examines the lives and passions of North Lake Tahoe locals​.​ ​This​ six-episode series features short-film documentaries and corresponding blog content from Local Luminaries who embody the character flavor and eclectic culture of North Lake Tahoe. Viewers can access local tips and lifestyle perspective while also engaging on a deeper level to understand why these individuals purposely choose to call Lake Tahoe home and how the common thread of community keeps them here permanently.


Jenni Charles

Fiddle Player & Vocalist for Dead Winter Carpenters; Music Teacher; Wife & Mother

Explore North Tahoe with Jenni Charles who offers insight on what it means to be a touring musician and new mom. Learn how she creates balance by way of the outdoors and what it’s like to go on stage and see a crowd beaming with familiar faces.

Meet Jenni Charles and see her story



Lila Lapanja

Olympic Hopeful, Professional Alpine Skier

Lila Lapanja, an Incline Village native, was two-years-old the first time her parents strapped on skis. She excelled at the sport and began racing competitively for the Diamond Peak team at the age of seven. In doing so, she solidified her commitment to Alpine Ski Racing and is now charging forward with a clear goal in mind: The Winter Olympics. Lila embodies grit and grace, and as she continues to gain momentum in the ski racing world, she reminds us to embrace our outdoor passions and the limitless opportunities there are to explore.

Meet Lila Lapanja and see her story


Nadia Guerriero

Professional Leader & Wellness Advocate

Nadia Guerriero was promoted to Vice President & General Manager of Northstar California Resort because she is an exceptional leader who develops high performing teams. Her rise to the top came after ten years at the resort, starting as the director of events and conference services and then moving to general manager of the village. The key to her success is infusing mindfulness and thoughtfulness into her work. Nadia embodies the North Tahoe lifestyle: she is part athlete, wellness guru, mom, and wife who happens to run one of the largest ski resorts in the country. She is passionate about her work and committed to her longtime Tahoe community.

Meet Nadia and see her story


Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington

World-class Mountaineers and Global Adventurers

Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington are on the road close to seven months per year, summiting peaks across the planet and exploring remote mountain terrain known to very few. They utilize North Lake Tahoe for high-altitude training before setting out on global expeditions, and as an expansive playground to enjoy year-round. The couple recently adopted a dog named Cat, and love to call Squaw Valley home.

Meet Adrian and Emily and see their story



Douglas Dale

Chef-owner of Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique

Discover the authentic flavors of North Tahoe with Chef Douglas Dale of Wolfdale’s Cuisine Unique Restaurant. Learn how he has carved out a flavorful niche for locals and visitors to enjoy while dedicating the past 40 years to his culinary art and life along the north shore.

Meet Douglas Dale and see his story



Bill Watson

Historian, Chief Executive & Curator of Thunderbird Lake Tahoe

Bill Watson began what was supposed to be a 90-day stint working at the historic Thunderbird Lake Tahoe close to 10 years ago. As the chief proprietor of George Whittell Jr.’s famed east shore estate and Thunderbird Yacht. Bill shares his historical knowledge of the region with explicit detail and conviction.