Lake Tahoe winter sunset with chairs

North Lake Tahoe

Kayaking in North Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe is commonly known as the Best Lake in America, and one of the best ways to experience it up close is gliding across crystal clear waters in a kayak.

Kayaking, one of the older, more traditional human-powered sports in the region is a favorite and there is no shortage of rental locations. It’s a perfect way to discover hidden beaches and rocky coves, not to mention a great core and upper-body workout.

Tahoe Paddle & Oar is located in Kings Beach and specializes in top-end canoes, kayaks and stand up paddleboards for the astute paddler. Kayaking is easy to learn and is as tough as you want to make it.

For the adventurer at heart, Tahoe Paddle & Oar offers two guided tours, either to the Jewel of the East Shore, Sand Harbor, or to Crystal Bay, which features natural hot springs and giant boulder fields.

Visitors and locals alike can find a variety of kayaking tours and experiences around the lake available most months of the year – even winter! Our recommendation? Head out at sunset or for an early morning row. There really is no view more breathtaking than from the middle of North Lake Tahoe.

Photo: Chris Bartkowski