Lake Tahoe winter sunset with chairs

North Lake Tahoe

Human-Powered Sports in North Lake Tahoe

The outdoor sports choices in North Lake Tahoe can be overwhelming. Take mountain biking for example. For a newbie in North Tahoe on vacation, the process of getting on the trail can seem prohibitive. Bike rentals, trail locations and gear are all questions marks that can keep a visitor from experiencing the splendor of North Tahoe singletrack.


North Lake Tahoe has solved that problem with a full marketing campaign that simplifies the process of participating in a human-powered sport in North Lake Tahoe. The campaign covers mountain biking, paddleboarding, SUP Yoga, disc golf, hiking, aerial fabrics and road biking. Visitors who download the eBook will discover useful tips, trail lists and a little humor to help aspiring human-powered sports stars enjoy the best that North Tahoe has to offer. The short instructional videos shot on Lake Tahoe’s East Shore give tips on kayaking, mountain biking, paddleboarding and aerial fabrics.


The eBook and videos will be paired with social media content promoting and educating visitors on human-powered sports opportunities from Sand Harbor to Tahoe’s West Shore.


The marketing campaign is part of an overarching focus on human-powered sports in North Lake Tahoe. Marquee endurance sports events like IRONMAN, Tough Mudder, the Lake Tahoe Marathon and USA Cycling’s upcoming Amateur and Para-Cycling Road National Championships have put North Tahoe on the map as one of the nation’s most spectacular locations for human-powered sports.


Now visitors have access to the information they need to pedal, paddle or twirl their way through some of the most exhilarating ways to experience North Tahoe’s outdoor beauty.

Photo Credit: Chris Bartkowski