Cross Country Skiers with View of Lake Tahoe

North Lake Tahoe Winter Sports Guide

You know who you are. The vacation accumulators, toiling away at your cubicle while your vacation piles up as a series of numbers on your paystub. Ditch the desk, ditch the crowds and experience Tahoe on a weekday. Knock a few numbers off of that vacation line on the paystub, and challenge yourself to experience a different side of Lake Tahoe. A backcountry ski tour in pristine wilderness. A snowbike ride through snow-covered trails. A cross-country ski to majestic Lake Tahoe views. A day of playing in the snow at one of North Lake Tahoe’s beaches. North Tahoe offers a variety of winter sports to add some excitement to your next adventure.

Find your own adventure in North Lake Tahoe’s Winter Sports Guide:

Backcountry Skiing

Sweat, attitude, and the right gear are essential for skiers and split boarders to enjoy North Lake Tahoe’s endless backcountry terrain. Backcountry exploration is a popular way for extreme adventurers to find new runs, deep powder stashes and lake views. Professional Skier Jeremy Benson explains how below:

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Nordic Skiing

A winter trip to Tahoe is not complete without the beauty of the sun catching on curtains of flakes that drift off snow-laden branches and the soft slither of Nordic skis packing down powder. It’s beyond magical. It’s inspiring. It’s breathtaking. Home to America’s largest concentration of Nordic ski resorts, North Tahoe is a perfect place to switch up your winter workout routine, or try a new multi-generational sport. A Tahoe expert breaks down cross-country skiing below:

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Snow Biking

When conditions are right, gliding over groomed trails or fresh powder on a snow bike is a fun, new way to traverse many of Lake Tahoe’s secret trails. Sometimes referred to as fat tire bikes, snow bikes are mountain bike frames with fat, knobby tires. Experience a guided tour below for more insider information:

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Snowshoeing & Snow Play

Whether it’s an unannounced snowball fight, sunset snowshoe tour, building an epic sledding hill, or snowman sculpting contest – a day exploring some of North Tahoe’s non-ski activities is well spent. North Lake Tahoe offers many dog-friendly meadows and beaches, so grab the whole family for a day of snow play. One local family breaks down how to make the most of a Tahoe snow day below:

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